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Twigs and Flowers-part 1

As they say, the Earth laughs with flowers. Love is and has been expressed through flora as long as history can remember; often times, through a bouquet of vibrant colours, while at times the singularity of falling in love is manifested in that one delicate rose.

As exquisite as an intricately arranged assortment of blooms in a bouquet can be, sometimes if one allows the imagination to indulge a little, one can find less common styles of arrangements. Take a look at the Calla lilies arranged in a glass bowl vase below.

Notice the sensation of cascading petals, conveyed solely due to the fashion the flowers are presented. Cascading petals into a bowl of water… it compels you to wonder if a sweet invisible nectar is pouring out from those ewers of nature.

Calla lilies and many other flowers we come to fill our spaces with are carefully cultivated to meet the high beauty standards of todays world. We will rush to our favorite florist to pick the most elegantly curated bouquet no matter the cost, yet miss to notice the beauty growing wildly on the curb side, or even in our own backyards. While the rose, and the lily will be forever present in our florists boutique, nature offers a different sort of variety. Each season brings along it’s own limited edition of blooms and blossoms, largely short-lived, but stunning. For which one must wait another year to meet again. If we are lucky enough and grab the opportunity, we can decorate our interiors with blossoms sprouting on twigs, or flowers in full bloom, or even the ultimate purpose nature has designed them for; the fruit from which they will procreate once again, come the correct time of the year.


Winter Jasmines:

The vivid yellow contrasts the gloomy grey of winter every February, reminding us that nature is not dead. Take the chance and bring a few branches indoors, they will brighten up your environment.


Spring time:

Apple blossoms on twigs. Notice not only the small white blossoms, but also how the irregularity of the twigs adds a complex layer of texture contrasting the straight lines of the backdrop wooden panel, despite their similar color.


Delicate blooms of Summer:

Coral bells grown on slender stems, come around late spring to midsummer. A single stem arranged in a tilted vase reaches beyond the edge of the shelf, highlighting balance and harmony. Notice the material composing the scene: glass, stone, and wood; all elements of nature complimenting one another. Wabi Sabi.


The fruits of fall:

Rosehips. The undeniable sign that fall has certainly arrived. When the rose petals fall, and the flower is no more, the lustrous red of the hips can bring life into your living space. Take a moment to observe the supple twigs; as if they have spread their arms and are dancing under the spotlight.

And so, as the the circle of the seasons goes on, new flowers will bloom, each curated uniquely for the mood the season brings.

Now that we have explored what the florist of nature has in store, and have allowed ourselves to indulge a little while in their passing beauty as they are fresh living, stay tuned as we discover the beauty in preservation, in capturing a glimpse of what once was, forever.